Life Lessons with Monica: An Attitude of Gratitude

November 30, 2020

At the beginning of 2020 my year kicked off with, for lack of better words and tact, a bang. My friend group, who many are more family than friends, were suddenly brought back together after years of hovering around each other as though we were the planets in orbit around the sun. What brought us together was not a joyful event, but a great and tragic loss, the loss of a friend, a beautifully broken, giving, yet perpetually lost soul. She was the sun, the sunflower, both light and dark, bearing secrets she could not continue carrying, but in the depths of winter, not being able to see all the light that she could have brought within herself. This could have turned us all to stone, solidified the views that the world is a cold, dead, heartless place of existence in which there is no good left to any of us. Yet it did not do that.

She couldn’t see for herself, but I know she has seen since, that she was still able to heal others despite not knowing how to heal herself. We would have carried her burdens with her, walked beside her on her journey in life, and given unconditional, non-judgmental love, however one must be open to all of that before it can truly be received. I no longer feel such pain by her passing, perhaps some will think that is wrong of me, but she taught me about myself, she showed me that there is no reason to hold on to the past, and that forgiveness is the ultimate gift one can give to another. She also helped kick start a complete change in my beliefs in this world and the next, in faith, spirituality, friendship, intuition, the depths of darkness, and the joys of overcoming that. She helped me get to a point in which I was ready to heal, and she and I were not very close in this life. Despite her not being able to clear the shroud of darkness for herself, she was still able to help me clear it, and for that I must be nothing more or less than grateful for the change that she wrought in my soul.

This gratitude has a way of permeating into everyday life, and despite the trials of the year of 2020, I have found above all else so much gratitude, unceasing, unending, and unconditional for nearly everyone and everything that has happened to me, by me, and around me in my life thus far, and once a soul is grasped in the beauty of understanding and filled with gratitude to this depth, it yearns for release. I have begun to release it, via my writing, through daily Facebook posts, through phone calls that have come much later than the moments I am calling about, and in so many other ways. What I have found in this process thus far, I must share with you because these are moments that do truly change lives. When you hold gratitude in your heart for the things and people that have occurred and interacted with you, and when you give that gratitude out, your heart, body, and soul become unburdened piece by piece. Things you didn’t realize you were holding on to, things holding you back and weighing you down, they no longer are there, because you truly feel thankful for them.

We are all living in a world of chaos and mayhem, upheavals, materialistic desires, selfishness and people or things being continually offered up as sacrificial lambs for the betterment of someone else, but not for the betterment of all. As an empath this has been a continual weight upon me. A source of unending confusion and sorrow. Yet, I, like the Hanged Man tarot card, have the ability, if I choose to use it, to flip my perspective to a different viewpoint, to see the world, a situation, an interaction, a hardship, a love interest, a painful moment, a joyful celebration, from all angles and perspectives. This is not the easiest natural gift to work with because sometimes you are faced with the necessity of flipping someone else’s viewpoint knowing that in doing so you will be causing them temporary pain, however, I believe this is something that is lacking in human perception much of the time. The “Self-first” blinders have become so centralized to what we believe is necessary in order to achieve anything and everything, that we fail to see other sides, other avenues, other methods of manifesting and achieving our dreams and wishes, that we sacrifice too much to do so.

My challenge for you today, for whenever you come to read this, is simply this:

~ Spend a half hour every morning in quiet contemplative stillness. Reflect on the things that you have in your life, how you got to where you are, what you have overcome along the way, and what your strength is. Who has helped you along the way? Who has harmed you in your life, and how have you healed and overcome those moments? Who has come into your life for a short duration of time and taught you something about yourself that you weren’t aware of? Who has stuck to you through all the tumultuous moments, loving you unconditionally and how has that love helped you?

~ Now, whether you choose to do it publicly or privately, give gratitude. Piece by piece, person by person, moment by moment, share it with your world, share it with those people, write it in a journal, or just give it to the heavens with acknowledgement that you are sending it to them in thought. Spend a month, giving thanks, sharing gratitude and love, and being The Hanged Man, you have the power to change yourself, and this is one step to doing that, which will help open your mind, your heart, heal wounds, facilitate forgiveness, and build your self of True Self.

With Gratitude,

Monica, The Kismet Chemist

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