“Between-ness is a defining characteristic of liminal. Limbo is another. Liminal is neither here nor there but exists between one moment and the next, poised in that pause where what’s passing hasn’t yet become what’s becoming. Liminal is a magical time, a dangerous time, fraught with possibility and peril.”

– Mackayla lane, Faefever
Written By: Karen Marie Moning

Between life and death, inhale and exhale, awake and asleep, lies liminal.

It lies in wait for the unsuspecting, and opens the gate for preponderance.

Within this in-between all things are made manifest,








Silence beckons the willing to enter, envision the shimmering possibilities,

Gentle marching of chance and change arising, dancing to the heart.

Relinquishment is the key to the kingdom,

Forgiveness is the illumination upon the map,

Love is the ultimate reward, found within

The spot between, the liminal, the mystical, the magical.

Reward attained, must be selflessly given,

For the liminal waits, breath abated, to make it’s move if purpose defeated.

Such endless findings between one beat to the next,

Such potential, such peril.

Alas, liminal is imminent,

Mind prepared, body bared, soul willingly given.

Adjoined in unison, purpose and passion,

Frolicking upon golden sparks,

Welcome to the Liminal.

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