The Plunge

She stood upon a precipice

The sheer cliff face, steep drop below.

Wind whipping all around her,

Whispering to her, Just let go

Fear, once a constant companion,

Now a faded notion.

Raising her arms above her,

She screamed out to the heavens.

“No longer am I afraid,

No longer do I cower!

My heart is set, my mind made up,

It is time for my plunge!”

As though to give a sign,

Radiant sun burst through clouded skies,

Wind shifted direction, now supporting her,

Earth rumbled below her feet,

Upon tips of toes, she made her form,

Rose, and took her leap,

Soaring down, down, down,

Until the water met her.

She took the plunge, released her fears,

Glorious as a swan,

She sliced right through the gentle surface,

Dove to the depths,

Reemerging anew.

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