Alas! Too Small

“Enough! I have had enough!”

Rage bubbles inside me, fighting to the surface.

“Why couldn’t you just let it work?”

Hopelessness starts seeping in from every corner.

“Gah! I quit! I give in! You win!”

Of course this is when my husband peaks his head to inquire,

“Ah- what’s going on, honey?”

He asks in full hesitance, sure I am gearing up for a lecture.

My head falls down, I release the tears,

“My fingers are too small to tie this child’s bracelet.”

Fighting a smile, determined not to laugh,

“Take a breather, take a shower, just walk away for a bit.”

“Nope! Not going to happen, I’ll sit here trying to get it tied until I take my last breath!”

Beads ricochet around the room, the band snapping

“I’m taking a shower,”

I heard his muffled laughter all the way to the door,

The beads still sit in a dish, taunting

But the shower was refreshing

Perhaps after yoga, some meditation

My fingers will shrink to the perfect size with excellent dexterity

Until then,

Stale mate.

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