Searching for meaning high and low,

Asking for answers not meant for inquiry.

“Why?” always on the tip of tongue,

Truth never dawning of the inaccuracy.


Scouring the sky, the stars, the clouds,

Over turning rocks, diving down ocean abyss,

Attempting vainly to find perception of truth,

Believing the requirement of sense verification.


Perpetually hearing, “You must see inside,”

Lacking confidence crucial for viewing.

Running, hiding, scared and alone,

Seeking the things carried within.


Darkness draping upon eyes and thoughts,

Pain permeated, beckoning cessation of course,

Voice adrift calling, “Look within, see your light,”

Rising up, conquering each battle.


Giving everything up to fate’s embrace,

Relinquishment of outdated notions.

Crackling, rushing, energy electrifying skin,

Blossoming destiny found anew.


Knowledge, understanding flooding like crashing waves,

Fulfillment and Joy amplified transmutation.

Gratitude replacing questioning, “Why?”

Releasing and purging brightening, bursting, shattering all walls.


Faith, Truth, and Love filling, sealing, strengthening,

Culminating in wholeness, searching now ceased.

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