Remember youth, your beauty was blossoming

The flower of your heart awakened in all things.

Recall the moments of serene childhood,

always swirling with peace and calm

When did those memories vacate?

Upon which mount was the fall to occur?

Out of sync with innocence losing promise

of belief, emotions, commitment to others?

Fleeting pause between breaths,

Instantaneously wrought with

conditional bounds?

Methods to earn your trust,

earn your love,

earn your faith?

As a child you never hesitated to give of yourself

to others along the way. You gave and gave and asked

for nothing in return, and now you think you

don’t have anything more to give away. You hide

your true self behind jokes and disillusionment,

holding to the outward facade of being aloof.

Until one day, you open your heart, and

that aloof rips yours and the one you opened

into tiny little pieces. Flung in the air like

confetti, it is now time for you both to put

them back together. Mend your hearts,

do it together, glue piece by piece back into form.

Do not worry or fret about yours and mine

upon repair, for in the end all that should be

remaining in both is:

Unconditional Love.

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