The Journey Thus Far

November 11 began as a normal day, in the throes of a major life changing experience, I was sitting upon my computer, sorting in my mind, all the different stories, poems, novels, that I wanted to write. Reading a book about writing, written by an author, feeling this growing sense of purpose, still yet to be realized. Everyone had always told me, “You should write a story about your life.” I would giggle and respond with, “Oh yeah! Someday I will,” only half meaning it.

Then came a song, an internet search, and the book I was reading, all culminating into the key to my writing kingdom. By midafternoon, the book was taking form in my mind, parts and pieces of the whole, falling together like puzzle pieces, fluttering down in front of me. Weeping with relief, knowing it was finally time, and knowing how my story was meant to be told, I opened a fresh Word document, and the words flew out of my fingers onto the screen. In the first day I had more than 20 pages.

It is now December 6, and after spending a Sunday, split between family time, and work time, I plugged away, and have successfully completed the first part of the story of my life. I have gone back and edited over and over, though the polishing before beta readers can be sought has yet to occur. I sit now and reflect on the many years in which I have been saying over and over, “Some day I am going to be an author. My book will be in Barnes and Noble. I will make my dream come true.”

So much held me back, so many internal and external battles had to first be waged, and as all things in my life, I had to feel when the moment was right. I have tried and failed to write one part of it or another, even getting about five chapters of a book written (horrifyingly so). I write this tonight to give gratitude, first to the alpha readers who have been reading this as my process continues to unfold, giving suggestions and feedback. Second, to the people who have come to this blog, who have read the words that needed to be shared (and forgive the sloppiness of some of my posts, in my true writing style, this blog has been meant solely to get those thoughts out immediately, throw caution to the wind, and publish without editing, someday I will go back through and clean them up, but for now this is what I have needed to facilitate my major work in progress), for those who have followed the daily gratitude posts on, for those who check in and give feedback on the affirmations and updates on, and especially for my family who loses time with me when I am ever so engrossed in the writing process that nothing penetrates my ears and mind until I finish the section I am working on.

Today marks 275 pages written (of course this includes chapter breaks), the main part of my story being told, and tomorrow will mark the beginning of the final part of my book, my story, my life before my life truly began. Thank you to everyone who have become part of this part of my story, without your support and guidance, and above all love, this journey would not be what it is. My words are meant for my readers, not for me, so thank you for opening up your hearts and minds to them.

With Gratitude,


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