Beneath the Oak

Laid to rest beneath the bough of the Great Oak,

Left this world, took to flight, burdened no longer.

Swallows singing harmoniously with the Mockingbirds,

Choirs of birdsong weaving her tale, sorry, love, innocence, release.

Marching of time, she rested alone, feeding the roots around her.

Passageway for loneliness eternally undone,

Spirit embraced, body and root unified,

What once was, now is no more,

Swaddled with protection and love,

Earth and bones, body and root, spirit and freedom,

Amalgam for fiery fate, alchemically combined.

I laid her to rest, that quiet, sad girl,

Lovingly wrapped her with lace.

Upon my knees, I scattered the seeds.

Tulips white as snow,

Sunflowers as yellow as her hair,

Hyacinth of purest purple.

Whispered promise, spoken in silence,

Released from all prior connection,

Turning away, a single tear falling,

Landing, seeping into the newly dug Earth.

Swallows and Mockingbirds landed around,

As one single Tulip burst forth and bloomed,

Magical sign, passed from Spirit to me,

Illumination of freedom,

Settling of drummer’s beating my heart,

All pain extinguished.

Peace now able to flow freely,

“Thank you.” I whispered,

Turning away again,

Stepping forward to the Western sunlit sky,

Time had come to ascend,

“Ready now, I have fully divested.”

One final step, even footing, behind me fading to black.

Progress no longer impeded,

Mission bells, as a new song whistled out.

Hope, abundance, rebirth, and renewal,

All possibilities, so patiently waiting,

Rushing to me from every corner,

Opening my arms wide,

I allow the coalescence to usher me

Into the new dawning of my life.

Laid to rest beneath the bough of the Great Oak,

Her death, my rebirth, finally and irrevocably.

Karma is satisfied and released.

Quote by Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five

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