Seven and Two

It has long since been,

I had cast my lot

Upon the twilit River Styx

Having crossed my path

With that of a shrouded traveler.

Chancing a challenge

Of Texas Hold’em

All the way down the

River ferry boat.

Cards dealt

Breath abated

He tossed in his ante.

First three cards were flopped,

I stayed my bet,

Trying to feel him out.

He called my bluff, tossed in his pile,

Said, “you look like you’ve had it rough.”

Smiling I told him,

“Who me? No way!”

Refusing to let it rattle.

Calling his bet,

Hedging my luck

The turn was made.

Pair in my hands, nothing supporting,

Swallowing nonchalantly, I checked.

Throwing the cloak,

I came face to face with the ferryman.

“You wanna raise the stakes, kid?”

Smiling wide in challenge,

I inquired, “What did you have in mind?”

“Nothing major, only your soul,

Take my place on the ferry.”

Bravado in hand,

I signed in blood,

As the river flooded the table.

“Show ya cards boys,” dealer shouted.

Confidently, foolishly, my Aces fell.

“Pair of aces, not too shabby,”

Ferryman commented.

“Flip em’ over, so I can collect my due.”

Heart sinking, soul wrenched out,

“Two pair, seven over twos.”

Impossible, improbable, cheat!

“You cheated, you must have!”

“Now, now, dear boy, don’t be

a sore loser, give the ferryman your toll.

The cost wasn’t so great before the river,

and now I own your soul.”

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