Unexpected Miracles

No one ever expects a miracle –
Though they are asked for,
Always in high demand.

It’s the miracles we receive
That keep us in awe,
For they appear in every unexpected course.
News arriving of unplanned pregnancies
Miracles gift beautiful new souls.
Through heartache of a failed relationship
Miracles endow strength within the heart.
An unexpected death striking its blow,
Miracles sneak in, bringing friends and foes truce and understanding.
Doctors diagnosing lifelong illnesses, bringing patients to their knees
Miracles manifest illumination of inner strength unbeknownst prior.

Precious tiny humans, whose smile, laughter, hugs, kisses, and voice
fill your heart to bursting, ah, yes, here is where miracles shine.

Miracles exist in the ebb and flow of life,
Discovery is easy, if only you heed this advice:
Cease searching,
Miracles exist all around.

Keep asking, but never expect
Miracles precisely to the letter.
Belief makes miracles happen,
Miracles strengthen belief.
Look around you, and consider –

What are your unexpected miracles?

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