Life Lessons with Monica: Trust in Truth

Trust is a concept nearly foreign to those who have been hurt by others before. When placing trust within the confines of a relationship, friendship, business partnership, you are placing a piece of yourself, one of the utmost vulnerability. Transmuting from a beautiful gift to a foreign invader, set on wreaking havoc is a process done through the breaking of what is given. Lies pervade, shattering that with which the foundations of what has been created are built. A process such as this creates a void within the mind and soul, sucking darkness, reaffirmations of negativity seeping from subconscious mindset into the conscious mind, coloring future actions and interactions from that point forward.

Relinquishment of those past moments is a journey of the soul one must embark upon in order to place Truth, Honesty, and Openness back in the driver’s seat of life. I can give no definitive guidance upon the journey that each person must embark in order to find their way back to trusting. Despite the lack of guidance I have within me for the outside world, I too have had shattering of trust occur to the depths of my being, and am continually struggling to climb to the pinnacle of the damage done. Reaching the peak is half my battle, I realize this. I know I must, not simply scale the mountain, plant the proverbial flag upon the top to mark the journey, but I also must continue to climb down the other side. Uphill and downhill seem oppositional, and it is given that downhill motion occurs more rapidly than that of the uphill climb. One must not be too careful though, when shifting from one direction to another, to forget the mountain below their feet.

Failing to maintain awareness of what battle is being waged within, what fight you have taken up your sword in the attempt at slaying and lying to rest, holds within the potential for stumbling, falling. You may reach the bottom faster, putting the entirety of the journey behind you, but the damage done on the way down is now not merely a new mountain resurrected instantaneously, but it also carries down with you all the things you dislodged along the way. Close your eyes momentarily and picture a boulder at the top of a rocky hill, push the boulder down and watch the path it takes as it falls. Does the boulder have pieces that chip off of it, lost to the rubble, and changing the shape it originally had permanently? Were their smaller pieces of rocks, grass, perhaps a tree, caught in the path of the roll, knocked down and scattered around the landing sight of the boulder? Now imagine you are the boulder, you have lost pieces of yourself, and due to the quickening course down, those are pieces you have to find within and discover what parts have been lost. Are you able to recover those pieces, did they become powder blown by the wind? Can you still find yourself amongst the missing parts? Look around you, did you topple someone you love in the fall? Was the damage done to them something that you can live with having done?

Whether intentional or otherwise, when embarking upon a healing process, there is an important factor to be remembered at all times: your healing should not cause harm to others. This is where the beauty of Truth comes swooping in as though Batman having seen his light glowing atop your mangled soul. Embrace the truths over fallacies. Have you heard other’s truths and elected to be deafened by them due to selfish egotistical belief that their truths do not matter to the ones you have constructed for them and yourself? Have you turned a blind eye to the pain you are inflicting through perpetual denial of Truth in favor of selfish desires? No singular person should put before others their lies and demand trust and love in the midst of it. Trust in Truth is the method in which I have elected to heal from many things.

Wide-eyed staring into the void within, the truth of emotions, thoughts, and events can be found. The truth of damage caused to oneself either by their own hand or by the hand of another, must be seen, must be viewed. Yet healing is not only an internal process, it has an external factor to it as well. On the course of healing, how does one discern truth from fallacy? Simply put: intuitive reasoning and trust in yourself. Everyone is born with innocence and trust, and everyone has innate intuition. Throughout the course of life we are taught to ignore those innate notions, fueled and driven by gut feelings, intonation of words spoken, and sensation of what is layered between the lines of what is said or what is written. We are told to take things at face value and never question. Intuition is within all of us for a reason. We are born with it and should be nurturing it, for it is guidance from within. That guidance is there as an innate protection for our minds, bodies, and souls. Self-preservation is nestled deep within our innate intuition.

Cease the endless battles you are waging within yourself, release the need for silencing the small voice within telling you the truths that it knows, that you know, that others are lying about. One cannot be forced to speak the truth, it is something that is intimately tied to will-power. Even threat of punishment for falsehood will not sway the blind, deaf ego that thrives upon the kingdom created through lies. It is only a journey undertaken when the lies no longer serve, when the damage done to others and self alike become too great a burden to bear. In my experience that occurrence happens only when there is great Love at stake. When Love is at stake, it will beat, batter, ram at the gate of Fallacy in order to break it down, burn it, and illuminate that with which you have been denying. The process is painful. It is emotional. It is all-encompassing and completely damaging. Forcing one to stare upon the broken pieces and make a decision about how to put it all back together.

Piece by piece, you may choose to reconstruct your existence, cloaked in darkness, and reinforcing your life of lies. Doing so, comes with the cost of Love. Love cannot thrive within the darkness of pain induced through lies. Trust lost to the winds, never to return to your life. Relationships, friendships, and partnerships cannot be repaired if this is the course chosen, those too will crumble to dust and be scattered like ashes upon the wind. Words like knives, slice away at the soul. bloodied through uttering and living in a fantasy created to never have to grow. There is no comfort in residing in the past, there is no Love in remaining in the darkness and spreading that out to another. Lies held to the heart and soul, poisoning the mind, breaking down the body, turn the spirit within into a wanderer. Mourning and bemoaning all that it lost, refusing perpetually to gaze upon the mirror of Self and truly SEE.

I come to you today, disjointed thoughts, emotionally driven to beseech you to take a new course. Release the fallacies you have used to create a façade of outer self, relinquish the inaccurate sense of control over others and yourself, and realize that the course you have set yourself upon is one of harm. Embrace Love that has been trying in vain for so long to come into your heart and soul, face your Shadow Self, face the void, and incorporate it. Allow the lies and pain to fall away, and change your course instead to one of doing good and living in abundance for the good you are doing. We are all connected in oneness, even those who don’t believe, don’t see, and have not awakened to this understanding. Your continued refusal to grow and connect, ripples out from you into the collective. We are all rooting for you to make a change.

Trust in Truth.

Truth shall set you free.

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