Heal Don’t Heel

With chain tightened around my throat,

He yanked me closer,

She jerked me to her side,

All the while whispering

Sweet nothings in my ear.

“Heel, my love, heel.”

She said to me,

He said to me,

Inflection giving way to meaning.

Stop what you are doing,

Listen only to me,

Do as you’re told,

Don’t disobey me.

All the things he says,

All the things she says,

None of them what should be.

He came into my life on a whim,

She strolled in to my life, nonchalantly.

Changing me, shifting perspective,

“Heal, don’t heel,”

“You are a person not a pet,”

“Heal, don’t heel,”

“Embrace who you are, love yourself,”

Now here I stand,

Ready to tell you the truth:

HEAL don’t heel.

You are meant to fly,

Those who hold you back,

Meant to flounder.

So stand up,

Shake the dust,

and HEAL!

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