Life Lessons with Monica: Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Some of you may know what a Spiritual Awakening truly is, others may have no idea. For me Spiritual Awakenings have been a continual companion for many years, though it was not until recently that I knew that is what was actually occurring in my life. As much as I would love to be able to come to you all today and tell you what it is that it feels like, what you will experience, what is going to happen if you are going through one, that is not my purpose here today. Why then, you may wonder, did I open with talking about it in the first place? Simply because after the year and a half, even two and a half years, I have learned something about this whole deal we have coined “Spiritual Awakening”: no matter what I tell you about it, it will be based solely upon the experiences that I have had and the research I have done to educate myself. No one in the world can tell you if that is what you are going through. That is something that you must find the answer to within yourself. And THAT is why I opened with talking about it, because I have been going through one myself, or perhaps I have been going through many. The amount doesn’t matter, rather what I do with it. So today, I am going to talk to you all about what I like to call, “Spring Cleaning for the Soul.”

Have you been feeling stuck in your head? Trouble sleeping, or waking up feeling as though you did not get a lick of sleep the night before and the world seems hazy? Are you going over and over again in your mind things from your past and having “Aha!” moments in which you realize the truth of the situation when before it seemed completely different?

If any of those answers are yes, then you may be undergoing a Spring Cleaning. Much like when the weather turns warmer, the snow begins to melt, birds begin to chirp and the only thing you want to do is sit in the sunshine and bask in the beautifully warmer weather, but when you look around your home suddenly all the buildup from the winter is just too much to bear and you whirlwind from room to room to get things tidied, freshened, so as to beckon this warmth of the sun to remain, so too may you experience the same notions within your mind, heart, and soul. Let me tell you this, your soul is longing for you to do some spring cleaning. Yet as I sit here writing this, I know that there are those who would scream at the computer screen, “BUT HOW, MONICA?!” I know this because that was me, sitting in front of my cell phone or television, watching YouTube pick-a-card readings, sitting in my office or in my bed, pulling Tarot card after Tarot card, backed up with oracle cards, telling me to clean house, but knowing that is not the actual message I was receiving.

The most frustrating thing about working with Spirit for me, is the crippling indecision and perfectionism within me. I want to do a good job. I want to succeed. I want to never have to walk another day of my life burdened by Generational Karma, Past Life Karma, nor shiny, new Karma from being in the dark about the ramifications of my thoughts and actions. This is where my religious upbringing rears it’s ugly head and I am hearing the Confessions of Sins going through my mind, “I confess that I have sinned in thought, word, and deed. By what I have done, and by what I have left undone.” After there is a list of things, really quite generic. I haven’t loved someone else more than I have loved myself (except that I am the opposite of that), I haven’t loved Spirit with my whole heart (yes, I know that is the truth, but I am working on it, though despite me telling myself it is diligently, I know there is more I could be doing). Now that last one, that is where the drive, the need for cleansing, or Spring Cleaning, is coming into me. The time has come to me to really truly evaluate the cobwebs stuck within my mind and heart, that are blocking off my soul coming through how it once did. For you, you have to find what it is that is driving your need to cleanse yourself.

Transformations are a difficult thing to deal with, they are not easy to navigate, but that does not mean that you should ever run scared from enduring the pressure of it. When you decide to go through a transformation of self, there will come a time for you to clean house. Clean out your thoughts and your emotions, the things that you have been holding onto for far too long in your life, and the things that no longer serve you. What do I mean by no longer serving you? That simply means that when you have pieces from your past, pains from yourself or others, things that you don’t like to reexamine, those are the things that do not serve you any longer. They aren’t helping you to grow. They aren’t helping you to change for the better. And they certainly aren’t helping your interpersonal relationships. That is what not serving you means. They aren’t helping you. What you need to do, is take them out, brush off the cobwebs, and sort through them so that you can release them.

Releasing them is a singularly specific thing to each person. Please never look to someone else to tell you how to release the things that you are holding onto. Only you know what modicum to use to get it out. For me, I write. I carry around with me multiple journals, one for Spiritual, one for Gratitude, one for writing inspirations, one for just thoughts, one for Tarot, and so many others. I write to deal with the things within that I struggle with speaking aloud, this is something that I have decided to begin working on, for I know that there is comfort in being able to hide behind my written words, but when you are healing, staying within your comfort zone truly prevents you from complete healing. Some people release through talking, some through therapy, some through physical activities, some through prayer, it really is completely and utterly what feels right to you. That is why I advised you to not look to another person to tell you how to do this. No one can tell you how to do something for yourself, because no one knows what you need more than you know for yourself.

We are all dealing with our own demons at any given point in time and ignoring that causes bigger issues. Don’t ignore the calling to heal yourself. If you are reading this right now, you likely were called to read this in its entirety because you are looking for someone or something else to tell you what to do. That means that you already know what to do. It was a hard lesson for me to learn. I am a person that is so worried about doing the wrong thing, about not knowing how to trust myself, and that means I had to learn the hard way, through multiple outside sources from me, all telling me the same thing: You already have the answers that you need within. Look within for your next steps.

That is what I am here to tell you for how to do this. Look within yourself. Look into your heart and your soul. Really look. It is okay for you to do so. Whether you do that through meditation, through therapy, through writing, through talking to someone you trust, whatever it is that feels right to you, do it. The time has come to do the Spring Cleaning for your Soul, for your life, and for your growth. Listen to the call and follow your heart.

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