Life Lessons with Monica: Unveiling Truths of My Spiritual Journey

One of the most challenging parts of opening oneself to Spirituality, to Spiritual Gifts, and to speaking openly and honestly about what the journey of a spiritual awakening truly looks like is the healing process that occurs. Knowing you have triggers and voicing the actions of others and yourself that trigger you is just the surface, healing involves discovering what emotions lie beneath the triggers, where they came from, and being brave enough to share what those emotions are with the ones you love to help them to understand why you keep getting triggered.

Healing does not happen overnight, nor over the course of many months, it takes years. What I did not see until recently is that we are all in various stages of healing at every point in our lives, and we alone have the power in our hands to decide how deep we wish the healing to occur. For me, I have been working with Reiki, Tarot, visualization, meditation, spirituality, and a LOT of journaling and crying to heal not only myself from years of traumas and emotional wounds, but also past life regressions, and ancestral/generational bloodline healing. Seeing the people and history from my family ties, seeing the patterns from further back than even the 1600s, back to the 1200s in my ancestral heritage, and seeing specific patterns that have continued to present day has been equally traumatic as it has set ablaze a passion to heal those things, break the cycles, break the chains, and free my children from continuing forward with the same weight of what they were born into.

These concepts seem so outlandish to so many people, and yet simultaneously, there are many that have come into my life who truly understand what this is like, what the impact of these things are, as well as what mountain one must climb in order to bring to light concepts based in a belief system that goes against much of what we were raised to believe, and in fact what some of us carry in either past life memories, or ancestral memories, stamped upon our souls the knowledge of persecutions from going against the grain of accepted beliefs.

This has been a fear, being my true self to the world, sharing the lessons I have learned, the things that I felt and was drawn to for no explainable reason only to find out that it was written into the history of my family that I was born into, and the messages that I have channeled from Spirit/Source/God however you refer to the Ultimate Creator of us all. Learning that to co-create and share lessons means that I have to put trust in the protection offered from above, and the faith in what it is that I have come to know and believe, even if it is anathema to what I was raised to think and believe. These things I have learned from the time I have spent going within, learning, growing, changing, and stepping into my true self, they yearn to be let loose, to be shared, to bring others to the understanding that at the beginning, the middle, and the end of all our lives we have been told that we are born into this world alone and we die alone, but that I have found this to be the ultimate lie.

The truth is that we are all born with a connection to Spirit, we carry that connection within us throughout our entire lives, sometimes completely blinded to this fact, other times we awaken to it, strengthen it, and allow it to strengthen us in turn, and when we transition from this life to the next, it is still with Spirit. We are truly never alone. Not for a single minute, not for a single second. If we all were able to see the world more clearly, through the lens of love, we would be able to feel this deep knowing that I am finding still within myself. There is no true loneliness, even when our minds try to convince us that we feel lonely or that we are alone, for there is always a team of angels, spirit guides, and God himself within our hearts and our minds, nudging us to do the right thing, to feel their presence, and to sit in the center of our being, our hearts. When we live a heart-centered life, there is no true loneliness. That does not mean that you will not fall, you will not stumble, you will not doubt. We are all human after all, and it can be a very hard world, serving up painful and heart-wrenching lessons, but the heart is the most resilient piece within us all. It is where we were made, and where we find the means to live our best life.

I am a person that tends to value honesty above and beyond all things, yet despite the fact that I try my best to be truthful, there are still times when the painful moments elicit truths that even I do not want to face. I have had gifts and psychic abilities much of my life. Heightened intuition, deep empathy to the point of having times in which I have lost myself in the melee of other people’s thoughts and emotions that come rolling off their auric fields in waves, and have seen visions and spirits. As a child I was too fearful of being called a liar, of being told that I was making things up, or being thought of as possessed or crazy so for a long time I kept my gifts hidden. I was called “too” all the time, “too emotional,” “too sensitive,” “too hyper,” just “too much.” That was when I began making myself small. I fought what I felt, I lowered my voice, and as I got older, I stopped speaking up for myself.


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