Life Lessons with Monica: The Hidden Teachings in Death

Death leaves an indelible mark on our souls. It doesn’t simply impact us on a physical level, it is a spiritually impactful event. We carry deaths with us through incarnations, until we have ascended enough to understand the why of it all, and separate ourselves from the moment, integrate the lesson, and allow ourselves to grow stronger, wiser, and more loving because of it. When I was ten, witnessing my father’s death, and having wished him dead mere hours before his soul passed from this world to the next, I did not know any of this. I could not have known any of this. I endured many years of believing I was a curse, living trauma after trauma, lesson after lesson, simply because God was punishing me for killing my father. The only person ever able to change my mindset and understand the truth of it was me. This is why I am here today, talking about the hidden teachings in death. Bringing to you a deeper insight into what it actually has visited you in this life to do. See every moment as a learning experience, and don’t shy away from looking at yourself, looking within yourself, and seeing what it is that is hidden below your reactions when you lose a person, pet, job, car, anything that feels like a death to you. What is below your sense of injustice and pain?

Life is a learning journey. One that we can utilize for our own growth and progress forward, or one in which we choose to remain blinded and must continue to learn again in another life. You will always have the opportunity to learn because you already have all the things that you need within you to discover what the lessons are. Let yourself look at things through the eager eyes of a kindergarten student, ready to learn about the world, seeing everything through innocence and wonderment. Learning was once fun for us all, and if we remember what that was like, how it felt, and what it meant to us to learn a new color, shape, way of wording things, anything, whatever it was that made you perk your ears up, sit up straighter, and get excited to learn, that is the feeling to embody when you are going through life lessons. How can you grow from this? How can you honor yourself and by proxy honor the loss? How can you become a better version of yourself, loving deeper, and sharing more of yourself and your goodness with others?

Remember that you are living a human experience and you are meant to experience. You are meant to feel and grow and change. You are meant to learn. You are not meant to be broken, lonely, sad, or guilty. You are meant to learn the sanctity of life, to learn that we have one chance in this incarnation, in this personality, in this person that you are, to be all you are capable of being. We are all capable of being greater and more loving than ever before. Death teaches us about the fleeting nature of human existence. It teaches us what mark we want to leave in the world. It teaches us about showing more love to the people in our life, and the people we come into contact with. It teaches us about ourselves, our strengths, our hearts, and minds.

Death is not a punishment. It is a beautiful unfolding of the deepest parts of ourselves so that we are able to become greater, touch the vastness of our souls, and bring our hearts in alignment with Spirit, our souls, and who we all are meant to be. Let death be your lesson, not your trauma. Let it be your portal to change, growth, and rebirth. Your life is your message to the world, when your death comes, what do you want others to learn from you? What do you want to be known for? Think of those who have gone before you, what you have learned and then seek within what you learned, and what you want to bring to the world from this experience. When you look within, digging into your own heart and mind, there is truly where you will find the hidden teachings in death.

Death card from the Light Seers deck

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