Life Lessons with Monica: Astrology and Emotions, Update on Current Transits and Events Coming in the Next Week

Astrology was something that started out as most, not all, people’s interactions and understandings do for me: Zodiac sign. It has since evolved into a blossoming love in my life (though my husband may tell you it’s an obsession). Let me start by telling you, no matter the amount of hours, days, weeks, months, I have spent pouring over natal charts, books, websites, all the various sources of information available to us all thanks to the information superstation, I am no expert. Despite not being an expert, I am a studying Astrologer in both Western and Vedic astrology, somewhat versed in Mayan astrology tables, and keenly interested in all other variations from Celtic to Egyptian to the Medicine Wheel, and more. Throughout the long nights I have spent pouring over natal charts, house placements, planetary placements, asteroid placements, you name it, there is one theme that always draws me in, keeps me thirsting to know more, and has helped me navigate choppy seas these last several months of my life: Energy.

Energy is quite literally the force of the Universe, what we are all composed of, and what exerts the greatest force upon everything and everyone in every single moment of every single day. My deep, loving connection started as conflict, and this is certainly not exclusive to me. I was consumed with cyclical thought patterns, feelings, and undergoing intense awakening symptoms. Reaching a peak in October of 2020, I came to a fork in the road of my life. Continuing to move forward in the manner I had always done spelled impending doom. I was left with no other option than to set out into uncharted territory, stepping into the vast unknown, and undergoing the greatest transformation of my life. Let me back track a little bit for you, but that build up, pretty good right?

Life had been chaotically painful for over a year. Under an immense amount of life stressors, struggling to find answers to questions becoming all-consuming, and crippled with worries for the safety of my family as well as my own health, I began having physical symptoms that grew to the point of unavoidable. After two weeks of daily, debilitating migraines, a change in my eye sight, struggling to be able to have coherent conversations, and the final symptom that prompted me going to the doctor: I was consumed with apathy. After a visit with my primary care doctor, I was referred to ophthalmology and neurology. The concern: a brain tumor. This was in the beginning of October, I received a call from neurology a week later and was told that it would be the beginning of December before I would be able to get in to see a nurse practitioner who would determine whether or not I was emergent/severe enough to see an actual neurologist, which would not be possible until the new year. I took what I could get and tried not to worry. Guys, I was, and still fall to being an all-consuming worrier. I always justified it as being a Mom. I have been a Mom since the age of 16, worry was literally how my life operated.

The neurological symptoms progressed rapidly leaving me with no option but to reach back out to my doctor again. It was at that point that I began receiving multiple phone calls from my primary care doctor and from the nurse practitioner with the neurology office, always encouraging me to go to the local Emergency Room to have an emergent MRI run. They needed to see my brain, and fast, but with the medical red tape between hospital policies and insurance regulations, this was the only and best option for me. It wasn’t an option for me.

Two years prior, July of 2018, I had come back from a week long visit at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. That trip changed my life, and not for the better, at least not beyond giving me a diagnosis. I was diagnosed with an immunodeficiency known as CVID, Common Variable Immune Deficiency. Basically, my immune system was defunct. It didn’t protect me, didn’t operate properly, and I had nothing to fight viruses or bacterial infections being produced properly in my body. Given this, and a harrowing journey to learning that my body was incompatible with the one treatment option for CVID, I was living my life at home, barely leaving unless absolutely necessary because there is a deadly virus in the world, and at the time it was running rampant through our local city. The ER at the time was backed up for hours and space with people lining the halls, suffering from COVID, and my doctors, knowing this, decided it was riskier for me to wait on an MRI than to potentially contract COVID-19.


Reality crashed down on me in that moment. That realization of my symptoms being worse than the possibility of a virus that very realistically was a deadly threat to me, changed everything. This is where I came to a fork in the road. This was real, this was serious, there was no option palatable to me, and suddenly I was faced with making a decision. It was a decision that would shape the rest of my life, I just didn’t know it at the time.

There it was, that little niggling in my mind, a small voice telling me, “There is another way.” I found myself (truly led by my Spirit Guides without knowing it at the time) to Sound Frequency healing and the Wim Hof breathing method. Starting with Solfeggio Frequencies and Rife Frequencies, I made it a point to listen daily to different frequencies. Researching which frequencies applied to which areas of my life and my body that needed healing, needed relief, needed, desperately needed love and attention that I simply was not providing for it before. Everything began changing about my life. I stopped watching television and movies, exchanged for classical music, frequency music, and informational videos and Documentaries.


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