Life Lessons with Monica: Shadow Work in Unexpected Places

If you are able to learn about yourself through watching other people falling in love, or through watching the news, or through reading a book, or through simply sitting in silence, then that is what you should be doing. I did not foresee myself learning about my thoughts and emotions, nor seeing the magnitude of changes that I have made as a person when I turned on Ben Higgin’s season. I simply turned it on because I wanted to watch JoJo’s season, but I wanted her Bachelor backstory first. There is a method for all of this, and I went with the method that was best for me. Throughout all of it I have learned how to truly see other people on their life journey. No one is perfect and what right do I have to judge anyone, including myself. We are not living the same lives, we are living our own lives.

When you remember that everyone is living their own journey, you are able to see the phases of your own journey through other people. This is a beautiful way to not only do shadow work, but also to see the progress that you have made in your life. Let me tell you, today I was able to see that I have dropped the past, dropped judgement of myself and others, dropped the pains that once held me back, and the best part was that I have shed from me and left behind the fears I once held in being who I truly am. All of these realizations came through watching The Bachelor while painting, beading, crocheting, and just living my life. All of these steps into who I am, how I once was, and who I am becoming came through shadow work, and this time I have discovered it through reality television.

Embrace the beauty that you have found within yourself in all the facets of shadows, for within these places are truly where your beauty shines.

Shadow work can be done in whatever way suits you. Don’t feel as though there is any sort of right or wrong way to do shadow work. There is no wrong way to shed the parts of yourself that no longer serve who you are and who you are becoming. There is no wrong way to become a better person. There is no wrong way to find a way to embody your soul. There is no wrong way to do shadow work, even if you find it through watching The Bachelor.

I have a challenge for you all today, I want to know what you have found that helps you with shadow work. What have you found brings you insight into who you are as a person? What do you do that brings your spirit shining out of you? What are the steps, the tools, the tricks that have helped you to grow as a person? Let me and everyone else know what works for you, because you never know whose life you may change with helping them find a way through the darkness they couldn’t have navigated without your help.


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