Life Lessons with Monica: When the Universe Knocks you on your Head, Literally

4:32 am this morning, I couldn’t sleep anymore. I was wired, wide-awake, lying in bed. Waking between the hours of 3 and 5 am is no strange occurrence for me. In fact, me and the witching hour are great friends. We tend to dance around on a regular basis. It is when I get channeled messages, titles for books, blog posts, and podcast ideas. Some see the Witching Hour as the time of Power. It is when the veil between the physical and spiritual world is thinned, in a liminal state between the night and the day, when those who allow themselves to be open to the thoughts and messages that come through, tend to have their greatest Aha! moments. I love the witching hour.

I have been overdue for my next podcast episode to record and air, having celebrated my Year 34, dealt with a lot of personal situations, and then ended up sick and in bed with a bad case of sinusitis, strep, and full-blown “man flu.” I can safely say, I have seen life on both sides of the health coin, and I prefer the non-infections, go-getter, kind of health I have been blessed with these last nine months. I also seem to have come down with a strong case of amnesia because, for real, I forgot how to be sick. I did, I forgot what it was like to not be able to breathe, to be achy and sleep deprived even though all you want to do is sleep. I forgot what it was like to be so sick that walking up and down the stairs left me panting for breath, holding onto the door jamb for dear life, just praying not to pass out. Man, I tell you what, when I get sick, I don’t do it in a small way, but this time around, I was so whiny.

How does any of this have to do with the Universe serving me up a strong plate of “Spiritual Smackdown,” this morning? Well, the easiest explanation: the Universe literally hit me upside the head with a message this morning.

6:32 am this morning, I am sitting down to start writing this piece, the moments before this, I was cleaning my office space up. It is a habit of mine in the mornings. I will get out of bed (if David has already gotten up for the day), make the bed, clean up the dirty socks and shirts on the floor from the night before, get dressed, and then do a quick whirlwind of cleaning the main living areas of the house. There is just something about having a neat and organized space that helps the thoughts, words, and work for the day fall into place perfectly.

In my home I have two working spaces, each one set up for the mood and energy flow I intend to utilize for the work I am planning on doing for the day. One is up in my main living room, in front of a big picture window, looking out on my front yard and the street we live on, facing south, it is a location that is filled with the brightness of the sun, or alternately on a day such as today, with thunderstorms possible throughout the day, it is the perfect location to watch the lightning and feel the power of the thunder rumbling through. My second work space is a bedroom converted to an office in our finished basement. In the office the walls are painted warm autumnal colors, my favorite season, my favorite tempered colors, and it feels warm and welcoming. With a fireplace next to my desk, a coffee stand, and all my tarot and oracle cards, it is where my purpose in life, writing and using my voice, was finally realized. When I am ready to delve back into writing things that I know will require warmth, comfort, and familiarity, it is to the office I retreat.

This summer has been spent with much of the work I have been doing up in the living room work space. Craving daily sunlight and being close to the front door so I could take regular grounding breaks, kicking off my shoes and sinking my toes into the grass in the front yard. It took me a long time to fully grasp how healing the earth is when it is under your bare feet. I am accustomed to people in the spiritual community talking all the time about making sure you are grounding, getting close to nature, reconnecting with the Earth. I underestimated the benefits of this, and I urge you to not follow in my footsteps. Even if you are not a spiritual person, we are all born on this Earth, our bodies will return to the ground when our time here has ended, there is powerful healing and connection with the land.

Recently I moved my podcast equipment down into my office, the acoustics of my main floor just weren’t right for recording. In doing so, I found the energy in the office quite stagnant; remnants of my frustrations, confusion, and self-doubt at the end of the writing process of Chemistry with Kismet still lingering in the air, seeping into the walls. I needed to change things. I spent half a day staring around the room in contemplation. Then I got to work. Moving my desk out of one location and back into the open space, shifting the coffee bar, the breakfast table, the television, and bringing in our portable electric fireplace (one of my most prized gifts from my best friend, Hope). I had done that one thing I do so often once more, moved furniture around, shoved more things into the same small space, ending with a complete energy shift and feeling even more spacious than before. I count this as one of my inherent gifts. I have always been deeply attuned to energy in a room, and have also always known when my energy no longer melds with it and it is time to make changes. As though I was born with a Feng Shui attunement in my energy body, this has long been a coping mechanism for me.

Despite getting everything moved where I desired, there was an issue with some of the power cables, and this morning it was simply time to situate everything properly. As though a light bulb went off suddenly I saw the changes and shifts needed for a small space to get it to the state I needed to reopen the creativity flow within me. Well, as these things go, I was shifting cables around, thinking about the grand dreams I have for my life, my writing, my work, my purpose, and it was in the midst of these thoughts that the Universe sought to WAKE ME UP.


My head was hit with a small stoppered bottle of Gold Sheen Obsidian, the stopper mysteriously disappeared, and it was raining small crystals. Directly after came down my second book from its placement on the top shelf, And What If . . . You see, as much as I sit here and tell you all about positive mindsets and standing in your power, overcoming your self-doubt and limitations, I still struggle with it. After years of believing the worst in myself, it has taken me great feats of healing and inner and outer changes to come as far as I have, yet I still worry that I am dreaming too big. Dreaming too vast for what I am going to be capable of accomplishing. Yet the Universe had a message for me, coming through with crystal clarity this morning. I am a person who believes firmly in signs and messages from the universe. I will encourage you to see them for yourself until I am blue in the face, because the truth is the Universe wants to conspire with us all for our true greatest good. This does not mean that you can sit and hope for harm against another, trust me, I am guilty of this as well. That isn’t for my greatest good. It isn’t for yours.

When you are sitting, imagining the way you want your life to be, the things you feel called to accomplish and achieve and you know, this is your dream, your wish, your desire, this is the time the Universe listens. Perking ears up and begins sending signs, “YES!” to you. This is because what you truly desire, what is truly meant for you, is what you are destined for. My dreams are deeply personal, but my goals, those I share from time to time. This time it was about reaching a broader audience. It was about bringing in people to help me on this journey. It was about living in alignment for the things I want for myself. Call me selfish, but we all have the right to be selfish about our grand dreams. It is what our souls are calling for us to do.

Gold Sheen Obsidian is a powerful stone, with the beautiful shimmery golden nature it is deeply meaningful, and in this situation, the meaning was so clear, including a challenge directly from the Universe for me to believe. This crystal will illuminate your soul, shine your unique gifts outward, and helps to provide protection as well as erasing self-doubt and limiting beliefs. It was my call to action. This morning, Spirit and the Universe both challenged me, asked me to challenge the norm, pushed me towards greater authenticity. Face my doubts, release my fears, and step into alignment once more, trusting in the power of co-creation and manifestation. Challenging me to ask myself, “What if…?”

What if my dreams become a reality?

What if I am capable of changing my life?

What if my voice rises up, gets out into the world, and I have nothing to fear from it?

What if I am selfish with what I desire?

What if I stop doubting and take the Fool’s leap, diving, eyes closed into the unknown of trusting in my gifts and higher self’s guidance?

This is what I am doing once more. Coming here, writing pieces of my soul’s journey for you to share with. Taking stock of my life, and taking chances on my dreams. Day in and day out. Simply trusting in what I have in my heart and soul to share with the world. Trust. Just trust.

The Universe is challenging me, and I, in turn, am challenging you all. Take your chances and leap. Do something new, follow that calling of your soul. Change your circumstances. Listen to the desires you have. Do different, follow your feet directly onto your path in this life that you too often fight against. I am doing it once more. Leaping, trusting, flying. Time for you to spread your wings too. Let’s fly to greater heights together.

Step Three: Shifting Perspectives, Shifting Mindsets Monica Anderson: The Kismet Chemist

Hello my loves! In today's episode we are talking about the third step in the healing the mind process, Shifting Perspectives, Shifting Mindsets. Discussing how to differentiate between your perspectives on things and the resultant mindsets, and discussing how to truly see things from your own mind and heart without the interactions of others. Seeing the bigger pictures of our lives here on Earth, and living for ourselves despite outside opinions and approvals. Remember always along the journey of healing, you will have moments of doubt, emotional turmoil, and hard truths you must face. These are all necessary steps in the healing journey, so be gentle with yourself. Be forgiving of yourself and others, and above all, remember that we are made in love, born in love, and meant to live our lives from the heart. Thank you for your love and support always. Please check out the links below to further support this podcast and my creative projects. All donations and subscriptions help support further projects from Monica Anderson! Take out a subscription to Monica Anderson: The Kismet Chemist today: Follow my socials: Twitter – @ChemistKismet Facebook – @thekismetchemist Instagram – @thekismetchemist Donate to my website here: Donate to Monica Anderson: The Kismet Chemist here: Paypal: Venmo: Thank you for taking the time to listen and support this podcast as well as my other creative projects. Go to Amazon today to find my books, available now in paperback, ebook, and Kindle Unlimited: Chemistry with Kismet: Journeying into the Self to Heal the Mind And What If . . . Concepts Challenging the Norm — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
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  5. Embodying Your Spirit

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