Life Lessons with Monica: Knowing When

Spirit, the Divine Creator, God, the Universe, the Source of all that we are, all we come from, all we know, and more than that, all we cannot fathom and understand. This is who I turn to in times of doubt and uncertainty, in times of happiness and joy, for guidance, and to rage against when I simply cannot understand what it is that I am being called to do, what is going on in my life, why things are how they are, and so many other things. Where once I lived from a state of mourning and bemoaning, always asking, “Why me? What did I ever do? Why this? Why that?” I now work to come from a place of, “Please, help me to find clarity and understanding, about [insert situation, person, intuitive prompting, channeled information, etc. here].” Regardless of personal views, religious and/or spiritual beliefs, we are all on a journey while we are here. Some believe in reincarnation, some believe this life is a one and done situation. No one belief is incorrect, it is what we are meant to know of the world we live in for ourselves at the time that we know it.

There is a division I have seen with attitudes in the spiritual and religious community, one in which I find myself drawing certain parallels to politics and government. An equal and opposite number of people adopting either, “live and let live,” or “they must be saved,” attitude. Neither is right. Neither is wrong. The challenge in this is knowing when it is the right time to adopt one side versus the other, knowing when to stand up and speak your truth, knowing when to share a different perspective, and knowing when to remain silent and watchful, for there is a lesson to be learnt in all moments. I have had many moments in which I will scroll through social media, whether TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook, the app matters not, the result is always the same. I will find myself coming across a post or a video that rubs me the wrong way. Something someone says will feel as though it is exactly what I am meant to hear in that very moment, and a spark of inspiration will ignite within my soul, leading me to writing a blog article, speaking about it in my podcast, making and sharing videos about it on social media. Still too are those moments in which something I come across will hit me directly in the stomach, I will feel the inherent wrongness of it in my journey, and it too will light a spark within me, this time of rebellion.

No matter what kind of spark is ignited, something I have learned, or rather a couple of things I have learned, I am going to share with you today.

  1. When we need to hear something, even if we don’t realize we need to hear it, the Universe will bring it to us. To truly receive the message, to divine for ourselves the meaning, we should sit with it, ruminate and reflect upon it. Ask for clarity, ask for understanding of the purpose of it. Allow ourselves to be open to different viewpoints, different thought forms, different paths forward, because when we are in a state of allowing, then we are in the energy of receiving. Why is this important? When we are in the energy of receiving, we hear the calling of the Divine far clearer, we hear our own spirit’s guidance clearer, and we learn lessons significantly easier than we would if we were in a state of resistance and “my way or the highway,” belief that we know it all already. My truth, and I know it may not be your truth, but it is mine, is that we know nothing, ever. We learn lessons and gain experience and knowledge, but it is only a snippet of all there is contained within the heart of our Divine Creator. Allowing this to become my truth required a vast amount of surrendering my own will, my own ego, my own constructed way of thinking and approaching life. It wasn’t easy for me, I have some control issues, wanting structure, security, and proof provided for the sake that I have, and still do, struggle with self-doubt. I am comfortable with admitting this insecurity with others because I know that many of us struggle with this emotion and mentality. When I have moments in which I am shown the proof and evidence I am seeking, it does not fill me with a sense of “I knew it,” but rather with gratitude for the gift of understanding and growth given to me. When I accurately predict something, when I accurately provide the guidance for another, I am so deeply humbled with witnessing the changes in their lives, and in my own, because I know it is from a higher source, a higher power. Coming into this state, well, it wasn’t a easy journey, but it was the journey I was meant to take.
  2. When we hear a message and the emotion elicited is discomfort, fear, or a sense of wrongness, those too are messages brought to us by the Universe for a reason. I have taken time to learn that there is a time for speaking out, and a time for remaining silent. It is about knowing when to do one over the other. This too is a process of learning and trial and error. It is about knowing when your understanding is at a certain level, sharing that understanding, and then growing from that into even deeper and higher understanding than before. I have shared my moments of understanding, lessons learnt, and wisdom attained throughout my journey. I know that not all of what I have shared has been completely accurate, nor has it been completely wrong. What it has been is a journey. We are all on a journey, and we are at different stages on that journey. Each path forward is a learning experience, here to grow us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. No one is right. No one is wrong. Yet, there are times when we are called to challenge the constructs of others on their journey. When the message we received that elicits such deep discomfort is brought to our attention because the Divine wishes for us to step out of our comfort zone and speak our truth. Knowing when to do this and when not to, how to speak it without diminishing another’s journey, that is what we are meant to learn.

There is a saying, “All life is a stage.” We choose the stage, we choose the platform, and we are the ones choosing the message. Even if it feels at times as though we are called to share something that comes from a higher source, to sit and say, “I was called to share this with you today,” that is a choice that we are making to do so. Yes, the argument that as spiritual beings who are hearing messages from the Divine it is our duty to speak those messages to others, it is one I have made to myself time and time again, yet we are never forced to do so. We make the choices in our lives. We feel a calling to do something, be something, help someone, help ourselves, but it is about choosing to go that route. Even making the choice, the key is knowing when. Knowing when we are meant to step forward, or when we are meant to hold on, learn more, listen deeper, and grow. Knowing when we are engaging in self-sabotage, and self-defeating tendencies by not taking the next steps we know we are meant to take. Knowing when to receive and when to give.

The Divine Feminine within us all helps guide us to the Divine Masculine, helps temper the Divine Masculine, and helps us to connect to ourselves and to Spirit more clearly, more intimately. Through the balancing of these two energies within all of us, we find our path, find our truth, find our purpose, and find Spirit. When we find all of these things within ourselves, it is then we learn how to know when.

So much of this journey is about learning to live in the land of the unknown. Learning to trust and leap when we are meant to, when to hold back, what we are meant to be learning, and how to live authentic lives. Authentic living is not about not caring about other people, it is not about being unapologetically blunt because it is what you believe, it is, to me, about living in a state of pure trust in the guidance we receive and that which we bring to others. It is about knowing who you are but knowing that everyone is on a journey. Compassion and understanding. Learning to speak from the heart while still standing up for your beliefs. It is not pacifism, it is not charging ahead blindly. It is feeling the rightness, the love, within yourself flowing out as you stand for something. It is knowing how to trust something you cannot see or hear, but trusting in how you are receiving. It is about becoming more. More aligned, more authentic, more peaceful, more honest, more of who we were at a soul level. We don’t always know what we are doing, but if you listen closely, you will know when to share what you know, and when to hold back and learn a lesson.

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