Life Lessons with Monica: Individuation, Intuition, and the Collective

I recorded a TikTok awhile back about rationalizing irrationality. In the video (, I spoke about the various social media resources that exist in the world with content creators who are coming forth to the world with the innate human urge to rationalize irrationality. Whatever irrationality it is, which for the purpose of that video, and this post, falls squarely into the realms of faith and a higher power. Of course, it is something that I myself engage in far more often than I probably should, seeking out proof, evidence, and tangibility to the truths that I have integrated into my views on the world. Going so far as to even propose the concept that we are attempting all the time to bring a rational viewpoint and perspective, a rational explanation to how our body works, how the human brain works, how we are walking, talking, breathing, how one organ can control things within us, and why it fails to control other things.

In a second video I spoke about the concept that our thoughts create our reality. As such, if we take this in as our truth, then what we are engaging in, on an energetic level, when we speak these thoughts into existence is a weaving of our own fate and destiny. Still yet is the concept of a psychic influence of these thoughts being brought into the world in which we can and have woven our truths into the fate and destiny of those who come into contact with what we have shared. In speaking about this, it was triggered by seeing another content creator’s video. Whether or not the truths spoken by that creator are ones that have been integrated completely into their ultimate truth or views on the world or not, it has been spoken into existence now, and on a mass scale.

In a manner of helping me move forward, I have come to follow instincts, intuitive nudging coming from “elsewhere.” I would normally attribute it to my spirit guides, to God, the Universe, my higher self, but this time, I have no explanation for the source, and I choose to simply not question or label it any longer. We all want something concrete, so we must look to what we can see, feel, taste, and touch and in doing so we are the ones who decide the meaning, the “proof,” as it were, of what concrete confirmations we are receiving. For me, I have been drawn to the thoughts, work, and concepts of Carl Jung since 2010 when I took a Personality Theories course as a psychology major in college. Of course, my first fascination was with Freud, but that was more because of the incredulity I felt at the support many of his concepts received. Looking back now, I see many parallels between the difference of Freud’s psychoanalytical theories and Carl Jung’s in the sense of the evolutionary concept of our spiritual growth.

I digress a little. My point in this originally is in the synchronicities that occur in order to help bring a deeper understanding and awareness in our lives. Too often I see people talk about synchronicities and symbols and messages occurring in the same facets, a song on the radio with lyrics relating exactly to what you were thinking or feeling, a feather on the ground, coins found, an animal appearing on your lawn continually, repeating numbers, and the like. All these things, and I feel as though we are missing something here, there is no limitation within the workings of the Universe, thus there are no limitations in the manner in which the Universe conspires to bring messages to us. Last night, while seeking to understand deeper why I was so bothered by one simple message, I felt the energy of a spirit I had never met, never knew in my life, and can only allow myself to accept it as my truth because it is one that has been a familiar energy to my journey: Carl Jung. As I sat in my kitchen, waiting for the oven timer to let me know it was time to add the chicken to the potatoes I was making, I stepped outside to speak to my husband, David. When I was out there, there was a shift and change in the ringing in my ears I am so accustomed to being my constant companion, in which my right ear suddenly exploded louder in a high-pitched ring. Though I have looked into the “spiritual meaning” of this time and again, I have found that the best explanation, is one I attribute for myself.  For me, in that moment I knew that it was a spirit, a guide, a messenger, coming to help me pull from my unconscious mind a concept I had read about, and an explanation I needed for myself. I will share it with you today, but it is one that I am cautioning you with trusting whether you feel as though it is truly what feels right to you. What I heard and wrote in my journal was “there is a concept called shared hysteria.” After, it didn’t feel quite right, the notion of hysteria, whether it is because of it having such a negative connotation in the land of the rational mindset, or whether it just wasn’t exactly what was right, I continued to write. I followed up with, instead of hysteria, think of it as collective fears, sourced from the collective unconsciousness, and spread through inadvertent energy transfer.

Now, inadvertent energy transfer is something that I can understand. I am an energy healer, I have worked, studied, and practiced with energy. Today, my synchronistic moment came in the urge to pull out a book that I have picked my way through, hopping from one passage to another for quite some time, on and off over the years. Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung. I opened it to a random section, read a bit about the shadow manifestations and the concept of Hitler being a prime example. This was how I had chosen to describe it to David last night when we were discussing it, so in that moment, I received my confirmation from the Universe that I was on the right path, that I have help, and that I am learning something essential. Great! I was thrilled, and simultaneously knew there was more within the pages for me today. Again, flipping to random sections, I came to some important passages. I am going to share a couple of them with you and then share my thoughts on a spiritual level of the importance I feel in recognizing these aspects, integrating the ones that feel right to you, and allowing for greater self-awareness, and awareness of others and the world.

On page 81, Jung is discussing The Soul of Man and the interpretation of dreams and symbols within this contextual notion. He says, “The interpretation of dreams and symbols demands intelligence. It cannot be turned into a mechanical system and then crammed into unimaginative brains. It demands both an increasing knowledge of the dreamer’s individuality and an increasing self-awareness on the part of the interpreter. […] One may follow all the right rules and yet get bogged down in the most appalling nonsense, simply by overlooking a seemingly unimportant detail that a better intelligence would not have missed. Even a man of high intellect can go badly astray for lack of intuition or feeling.”

There is quite a bit more to it than just this section, and I strongly encourage you to check the book out because it is quite profound, in my opinion. However, let me for a moment discuss this before I move to the final point and lessons I have learned and desire to share with you all today. There are two main points in this that I feel are crucial to think on with this message. The first being acknowledging the individuality of the person in which an interpretation is being given. Now, spiritually speaking, there are many diviners coming out to share messages, give readings, and bring their truths and interpretations to others. I have witnessed a variety of them, some have been quite accurate for me personally, while others I have sensed a wrongness in what they are sharing. Why is this? First, I believe it is because I work with both my right and left brain and have spent much of my time living an analytical viewpoint lifestyle, I have had to work to reconnect with my intuition, and because of this, and perhaps being a Life Path 7 who is the embodiment of the thirst for knowledge and seeker of truth, I check and double check when I get this feeling for messages shared. Now, I am not an expert, yet I do my due diligence for my own peace of mind, but also because I am aware that as a member of the spiritual community, I must always be aware of my own feelings, thoughts, and beliefs and allow for others to have their own as well. So, when I present my messages, I will ask you to think about it, consider it, ruminate on it. This is because I not only want you to challenge your own mental construct, but I also want you to only accept what you intuitively feel is right for you.

Secondly, I understand and accept my truth that we are all spiritual beings on our own individual journeys. There is a notion of us all being connected, and while I accept this as part of something, I also see that we are all separate as well. This is a belief that I hold for I do not believe that to hurt one is to hurt all, I believe it is to hurt that one. I feel as though we have a responsibility to ourselves, to our children, to our world, to our paths, and to each other, but it is not because you are me, and I am you. It is because we are both borne of the same spiritual source, and within us all is that profound love. We struggle with the concept of duality and separation, and there are those who teach that these things are fallacies, an illusion we created for we are all connected, and yet there is still the level of individuality that we must allow for. It is a dualistic teaching at its core. We are all on our own paths, but we are all connected and the same and there is no separation. When someone dies, they are no longer here in the physical, but they are still with us in spirit. Yes, this I believe is true, but it does not serve to assuage the pain of a physical separation from the ones we love. What I believe we should instead do, is help those who have lost to feel that sense of separation, and then to learn to connect more with themselves because through this connection, they can connect with their spirit and then feel the spiritual, energetic love of those who are no longer here physically. Someone who has not lost a parent, are not the same as those who have. Someone who has abused someone else, is not the same as the one who has been abused. We are meant to have our own experiences, our own journeys and in that individual experience come together to share, to teach, and to learn from one another. This is what, I believe, is meant as the collective and connection.

They say, “it takes a village,” and yet within a village everyone has their own individual roles. In this understanding, then we are able to now see each other as whole, individuals who we can learn from, teach, and grow with. It helps to see separation as less of being kept apart, less of a negative, and more as the freedom to be our own unique selves. So, when you are bringing a message to the collective, as I know I am doing with these words, it is a lesson shared and not a truth for all. We are not all the same, we are not all subject to the same situations, and in sharing that with each other, we grow together and individually.

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