Life Lessons with Monica: Listening for Inspiration

September 12, 2021 marks a new week, Sunday, the day of rest, and yet here I sit in the early morning hours, sorting my way through my responsibilities, my passions, my projects, my hopes, and my dreams. Wondering all the while: am I taking on too much? Am I piling things on my plate that I can’t handle? Am I simply throwing things at the wall, waiting for something to stick?

What an uncertain feeling it is, not knowing whether or not you are on the right path, whether what you are doing matters in the grand scheme of things, and whether or not your dreams will ever take flight. Sometimes, we hit the wall of doubt and insecurity, and it feels a lot like being run over by a Mack truck. That is how I felt this morning. Confused, exhausted, and like I have been spending my week attempting to walk the walk, talk the talk, of the things that I am speaking to the world, all the while struggling internally with a growing doubt.

Then I was alone for a moment, and I came to a realization, while listening deeply for inspiration to strike: my entire last week was a test. It was a test to see if I had finally learned trust, finally learned patience, finally learned to believe in myself.

The Universe, God, our Spirit Guides, the Angels, the Archangels, our ancestors, crossed over loved ones, friends in spirit form from our past lives, not yet reincarnated again, they all already believe in us. They have believed in us since before we were born, and it has only grown more prominent since our birth. Every stumble we have had, they have been waiting for us to call for help so we didn’t have to get up and brush ourselves off on our own.

How many trials and errors have I gone through? COUNTLESS

How many moments have I allowed myself to take a step back and ask for help from above? ONLY A HANDFUL

Sometimes we fail to see the help all around us because we are looking everywhere else for some guidance, tips, tricks, secrets of the trade we are working in. What we really need to start doing more is listening deeply within for inspiration. Yet too many of us are in the go-go-go life, struggling, striving, fighting for what we believe, for what we need to survive, and we have convinced ourselves that we do not have the time nor the luxury of slowing down and listening for inspiration, nor do we have the time to rest. I am as guilty as the rest of us.

Here is what I have learned about Listening for Inspiration:

We cannot hear anything if we will not listen.

Listening isn’t about just your ears. It isn’t about hearing from the outside, it is about listening, truly listening from within. How you go within, that is personal to you. For me, I find that the moments I am the most receptive are when I am in the shower, thus I have labeled it my epiphany shower. It was only a few days ago that I called out to my husband to get a pen and a piece of paper because I was getting a spark of inspiration, a channeled message, and I felt the importance of it and did not want to forget. He rushed in and sat on the closed toilet next to the shower and acted as my stenographer as I slowed down the message and relayed it to him. This is just one example, but we all have the ability to find where our epiphanies can come from, be it reading a book, listening to a song on the radio, or seeing a bird in our front yard. Inspiration is all around us, waiting to strike, waiting to bring answers to the questions we haven’t verbalized, and hoping that we will choose to listen.

We have to be open to trusting in what we are receiving.

Ah, back to trust. Trust and openness to receiving are words and phrases you will see tossed around the spiritual community on a daily basis. We all have heard it said, and I am sure I am not the only one that has thought to myself, oh yeah, real easy to say when you have money, security, the job you love, a stable financial situation, a stable home, etc. etc. I think you get my gist here. We do this comparison thing, where we see someone successful, hear them tell us what worked for them as they beseech us to do the same for ourselves, and then we COMPARE. “Have you been through (insert personal trauma here)? No, well then don’t tell me you understand me.” “Are you struggling with (insert personal dilemma here)? No, well then get off your high horse and tell me something more concrete than this trust and allow mumbo-jumbo.” I’ve been there. Stubbornly set in my ways, allowing all my old thought processes to just trample the messages of others, the guidance of others, the wisdom of my teachers. It isn’t the best way to be. I am telling you now, the same thing all the teachers and coaches out in the world will and have been telling you, which means perhaps, if you are still not hearing me, you should start back at the first thing I learned.

We have to make the decision for ourselves, and let the Universe align the rest to us.

I have said time and again, and I will say it until I am blue in the face: our greatest asset in this life is our ability to make a conscious decision and then stick with it. When we make a decision, the Universe will align everything meant for us that will bring about the best possible results for that decision on its own. That is right, I will say it again: ENERGETICALLY, THE UNIVERSE WILL ALIGN EVERYTHING WE NEED TO MAKE OUR DREAMS A REALITY ONCE WE MAKE A CONSCIOUS DECISION AND STICK WITH IT. Sticking with it doesn’t mean you think it really, really hard in your mind. No, I’m sorry to tell you, but you will have to hold up your end of the contract, so to speak. You have to continually take steps toward what you want. If you want to be a published author, then you need to write. Every day. Doesn’t have to be a book, doesn’t have to be a blog, but you need to write. How are you going to become a published author if you don’t write? Yeah, we have work to do when we make a decision and stick to it, but let me posit this for you: how much are you willing to prove to the Universe and to yourself that you are living from the heart, ready for your dreams, and willing to work to make it happen?

We have to take risks, take chances, be willing to undergo tests of our resolve, and keep going.

Nothing results in nothing. You can take that concept to the bank. Even billionaires had to do something for their wealth, and yes that includes the trust fund kids born into it, they had to be born, they had to endure a life with parents devoted to their work, they had to learn to navigate the world on the upper crust of society with all the regulations and requirements involved. Hollywood actors and actresses had to endure societal norms, professional pressure, and many of them degrading themselves in order to get the roles they wanted, as we are hearing more and more about. The grass is never greener anywhere other than where you are right here, right now. Marriages fall apart, love wanes, dreams fade when we are unwilling to take risks because we have some deep seated belief that we are not worthy, it is too hard for us, or we can’t handle being tested to see how dedicated we truly are. Even though I do not subscribe to organized religion, I find the stories I grew up hearing in church and Sunday school have a certain allegorical quality to them that we can learn from. In this case I am talking about the Lenten season’s story of Jesus going into the desert to wrestle with the devil, face tests and temptations for 40 days and 40 nights. What amount of time will you put into walking the desert, wrestling with your shadows, and having the Universe throw every wrench in the plan imaginable in order to show how serious you really are?

Stop thinking that everything is going against you, and start seeing that every hurdle is a chance for you to prove your resolve. To show how you have healed, and to believe more in yourself. That is what the Universe is sitting back waiting on at this point. It is waiting for you to realize your own growth, your own triumphs and your own strength, and to get up and do this again, because it is aligned and waiting for you.


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