Healing and growth are journeys. They are processes. To be a better version of yourself, you have to work at it. It isn’t going to fix itself. The world will not bend to what you […]

Kismet is, first of all my favorite word, as well as my own personal mantra: It was kismet. The definition is a simple one: destiny or fate. Nothing overly complicated about that, unless you have […]

Scorpio season is here officially, and with it there is a calling to undergo Inner Personal Transformation. Most often, doing this involves what is called Shadow Work. I spoke of Shadow Work a long time […]

Hunter’s Moon: time to embrace your inner warrior The full moon happening tonight in the sign of Aries comes at the close of a tumultuous planetary retrograde season. Have you been noticing excessive frustrations and […]

Freedom, oh, freedom. What exactly does freedom mean to you? For me, freedom is the ultimate goal of life. It is all encompassing, it is everything. There are many forms that freedom comes in. For […]

As an author, I tend toward perfectionism. I used to explain it away by saying, “I’m a Type A Personality,” when in actuality, the reasoning goes a little deeper. In coming to the realization of […]

Sometimes along our soul path we come into a deeper level of understanding, greater clarity, or even find ourselves on the receiving end of messages brought forth from a place that is seemingly higher, greater […]

September 12, 2021 marks a new week, Sunday, the day of rest, and yet here I sit in the early morning hours, sorting my way through my responsibilities, my passions, my projects, my hopes, and […]

In my most recent blog post, I talked about the four things that I have done to learn patience along the path on my spiritual journey. Patience has never been an easy sense for me, […]

I opened my phone this morning after doing my morning chakra balancing yoga, spending some time in meditation, cleaning up my area in my home that needed some cleaning, and starting my coffee pot for […]

I recorded a TikTok awhile back about rationalizing irrationality. In the video (https://linktr.ee/thekismetchemist), I spoke about the various social media resources that exist in the world with content creators who are coming forth to the […]

Spirit, the Divine Creator, God, the Universe, the Source of all that we are, all we come from, all we know, and more than that, all we cannot fathom and understand. This is who I […]


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