I have talked a lot about being an Empath, the struggle of separating my emotions from others, and changing my views on it being a curse to seeing it as a gift, quite often in […]

There was a full moon last week, July 23, 2021. The full moon happened to be the first of two to occur in the sign of Aquarius. This full moon had me completely drained energetically. […]

4:32 am this morning, I couldn’t sleep anymore. I was wired, wide-awake, lying in bed. Waking between the hours of 3 and 5 am is no strange occurrence for me. In fact, me and the […]

I had never given much thought to the way I had grown up until recently. As a parent I see how much I endeavor to make sure my children want for very little and need […]

I was perfectly content with waiting. Waiting for money troubles to lessen. Waiting for the outside world to take notice and read my words. Waiting for a miracle to manifest. Waiting for that strike of […]

For the past few days I have found myself in my home, painting walls, moving furniture, getting items prepared for a garage sale, and brainstorming a variety of different products and offerings I want included […]

Anyone who knows me can tell you very clearly that I am an Empath. Harder still, I am an Intuitive Empath, and have to regularly interact with a Narcissist. There is a level of losing […]

Astrology was something that started out as most, not all, people’s interactions and understandings do for me: Zodiac sign. It has since evolved into a blossoming love in my life (though my husband may tell […]

Just as much as birth is a part of the journey in life, so too is death. We know that this is the truth, but when death strikes, especially when it is unexpected, sudden, or […]

One of the most challenging parts of opening oneself to Spirituality, to Spiritual Gifts, and to speaking openly and honestly about what the journey of a spiritual awakening truly looks like is the healing process […]


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