Scorpio season is already in full swing, the Sun having entered the watery sign on October 23, and it will be transiting through the sign until November 22, 2021. This transit time is sweeping through […]

In my most recent blog post, I talked about the four things that I have done to learn patience along the path on my spiritual journey. Patience has never been an easy sense for me, […]

I opened my phone this morning after doing my morning chakra balancing yoga, spending some time in meditation, cleaning up my area in my home that needed some cleaning, and starting my coffee pot for […]

Spirit, the Divine Creator, God, the Universe, the Source of all that we are, all we come from, all we know, and more than that, all we cannot fathom and understand. This is who I […]

Your faith has been shaken. Your trust has been broken. Time and again youhave found yourself seemingly at the end of your rope, warring between yourlogically analytical mind telling you that trust broken can never […]

Trust is a concept nearly foreign to those who have been hurt by others before. When placing trust within the confines of a relationship, friendship, business partnership, you are placing a piece of yourself, one […]


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